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Easy booking for training


We have made it even easier to book online for our free online user training and our face to face free group training sessions.  We have separated the two modes of delivery (online and face to face) – both are accessible direct from our website.  Anyone can book, no password is required.  We track bookings real-time so people can see if a session is full.

The separation of online from face to face was at the suggestion from some of our customers.

The ease with which our users can book to participate is an indication of the ease of use of our software.  That we offer online, fax and email bookings is an indication of the flexibility of our services.  I mention this as guidance to those looking for other ways to compare software companies. While it is easy to say you do something, it is harder to actually do it.  We have invested considerable money in our online Training Academy, our online booking facilities and our face to face user meeting and training tours.

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