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POS software theft


We found a business using an illegal copy our POS retail management software a few weeks ago.  The receipts listed details for a different business in a different location.  Unless a customer questioned the receipt details they would be none the wiser.

While we have protection built into the software to prevent theft, if someone takes a computer from one location to another and makes no changes to hardware or business trading details they can get away with it – as happened in this instance.

We have been patiently trying to resolve this matter.  Our lack of success is likely to leave us with no option but bring in the police to consider the evidence.


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  • What does the Tower license say? Based on your description of what the person did, it would be totally legit with most software packages where you buy a license for an installation on a computer. If they move the computer good luck to them.

  • “Fred”, the licence is clear. This is a new location. They still have the software running at their old location on new hardware. Their actions breach the agreement.

By Mark