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Easy to read newsagency magazine labels


magazine_label.jpgWe won a sale last week on the strength of our magazine labels.  A newsagent was visiting a colleague and asked why his labels looked better – with more obvious and useful information.  After a brief pitch about the Tower newsagency software the visiting newsagent was on the phone to us.

As newsagents ourselves, we understand the importance of easy to read labels for magazines and other stock.  A good label makes it easy for you to make management decisions on the shop floor without having to get back to a computer terminal.

The label in the photo shows the name of the magazine, quantity received, sell price, type of return, supply date, return date, where to locate the title in store, the name of the business and the barcode to this specific issue.  While printing labels is not mandatory, having thisinformation on the product in the shop helps newsagents make better shop-floor decisions.

We print labels on sheets of 65.  The label stock cost is .2 of a cent each – making them economical. They are secure too – if you peel a laser label off and put it on a more expensive magazine it is unlikely to scan.

For POS Solutions users switching to us and who prefer to stick with the blaster printer, we happily support that technology for any newsagent as well – we have done for many years.

UPDATE (28/04): Congratulations to POS Solutions for announcing today that they will support laser printed labels.


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  • Mark,

    This blog entry made me smile. When we were looking to buy a newsagency 3 or 4 years ago my wife (Judy) would always look at the magazine labels, turn to me and say “They use Tower here”.

    It wasn’t one of our needs when we finally purchased a newsagency but it was one of her wants. A decision we don’t regret.

  • I used to have another system and while labels were not the reason I switched to tower systems, I am glad to now have labels which are legible and useful.

  • when i purchased this business we used a price gun with the recall date written on the stickers and then we came across tower and its stickers ,i save about 3 ours a week just by using the stickers no to mention that other advantages of tower

By Mark