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Managing magazines is getting easier for newsagents


newsagency_magazines.jpgNewsagents are returning fewer unsold magazines thanks to smart technology developed by Tower Systems and implemented in newsagencies. Each month, more evidence gathers to demonstrate the value of this innovation.

The Tower newsagency management software takes a whole of department view and makes this available to magazine distributors for more accurate sales-based allocation of new stock.  Magazine distributors who partner with the new technology supply titles at quantities closer to achievable sales and new titles based on need in each newsagency rather than pushing out everything received.

Having tested the software in our own newsagencies, we have proof of the commercial value for newsagents of this new and exciting technology.

To make the most of this new technology, all newsagents need to is receive invoices electronically, scan sales and scan returns – all processes good newsagents follow today.

Tower Systems already serves 1,600 newsagents.  It is the largest software supplier to the Australian newsagency channel.

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