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Tyro broadband eftpos continues to grow


The CEO of Tyro, the bank with which we link directly from within our software for secure broadband eftpos processing, sent through an update yesterday which I reproduce below to demonstrate the growth they are achieving:

Launch of Medicare Easyclaim – finally
After an extensive beta phase, we have launched Medicare Easyclaim for Australia’s leading practice management software, HCN PracSoft. The solution allows fully automated and seamless payment, claiming, reimbursement and reconciliation.

Integration with Microsoft and MYOB
We have integrated our new generation broadband EFTPOS solution with many software providers, including Microsoft Dynamics RMS, MYOB Retail Manager, QQQ Systems, POS Solutions, Tower Systems, DRS-POS, CDC, Aloha, OsiPOS, Unilink and others.

Deployment at Nuance Group
For the Nuance Group, Australia’s largest operator of duty free stores, we have launched an integrated broadband EFTPOS solution with the ability for a foreign cardholder to pay in his home currency (DCC). Transaction times have declined to 3 seconds.

Pay@Table, EMV, Pen or PIN and DCC
We are launching a new generation of mobile “pay at table” terminals for the hospitality industry that provide EMV (chip card), PIN on credit and Dynamic Currency Conversion functionality.

Still small, but we are getting there
Tyro won significant accounts with, among others, Collins Booksellers, Harrison and Cincotta pharmacy groups and an electronics retail store chain. At year-end in December, we reached 1,000 merchants, 2,000 terminals and processed $50,000,000. By June, we expect to more than double that.

We want to bring the Woolworths/Coles advantages in the payment space to the broader Australian merchant community. Especially in recession times, the savings and innovations we bring to market can help them survive. The challenge for us is to spread the word, so that merchants include us when they review their acquiring arrangement.

We like Tyro because the fast and accurate processing we cen deliver thanks to a seamless integration with our software. Please email us on sales@towersystems… or support@towersystems… for more details on the Tyro interation.

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