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Recognition for sales based replenishment work


The April/May issue of Convenience World magazine reports on the Sales Based Replenishment program introduced for newsagents by ACP magazines last month.  I was interviewed by the magazine for the article given Tower Systems’ involvement in this project from the outset.

Owning newsagencies and a software company often places us exclusively at the forefront of technology advances for newsagents.  Having more than 50% of newsagents with a computer system with our software helps.

We respect our market position by investing a considerable amount each year in experimental projects which we hope will benefit newsagents.

We usually have two or three exclusive supplier / newsagent projects under way with a newsagency supplier at any one time.

The SBR project is an excellent example of our representation of all newsagents.  For years, we participated in the early trials without cost to suppliers or newsagents.  The result is experience which we have happily shared with the smaller software companies so they may help their newsagent customers reap the rewards of SBR.

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