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Easier lay-by for retailers


dsc05794.JPGManaging lay-by transactions in retail is getting easier thanks to considerable work by our skilled software development team. With generous and open guidance from our retail user community we have built more streamlined, outcome focused, lay-by facilities which are sure to suit just about any retailer.

The new lay-by facilities will be released next month and delivered free of charge to users under our Tower Advantage TM program.  They replace the lay-by facilities we have offered for years.

The key focus of our work on lay-bys is to introduce new managament facilities which make it easier for retail staff to handle customer queries about lay-by accounts and to manage the overall lay-by portfolio.

Our retail customers are telling us that lay-by sales are increasing significantly this year.  The new facilities we are releasing are arriving at the right time to help our customers efficiently manage the lay-by opportunity for their businesses and for their customers.

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