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Free business help for retailers


I and some of my senior colleagues at Tower Systems provide business performance feedback and advice to retailers in our user community.  This free service is available to anyone regardless of whether they pay a software support fee to us.

We thoroughly analyse business performance data and compare this with our own benchmark dataset.  We also, where appropriate, drawn on our own retail experience.  We usually come out of the analysis with a list of suggestions for improving the business.  At the very least, we usually provide options which the business may not have considered previously.

A by-product of the business performance analysis service is a compliance check we run for the business.  We can let the owner know how well they are using the software, common mistakes being made and risks faced with any questionable behaviour we see.  In one case recently we uncovered a theft situation of which the owner was unaware.

It is rare that we come back without suggestions or issues which need addressing.

We know that by helping our customers improve the performance of their businesses we benefit.

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