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Newsagents caught out on compliance


Now more than ever newsagents need to be careful about the software they choose. With new IT standards announced and tougher requirements on software companies to produce software to these standards, a wrong decision by newsagents could leave them with software which blocks them from complying with supplier requirements.

Non compliance could cost thousands of dollars in a year – as some newsagents are finding right now.

Tower Systems is committed to maintaining its position as the first software company to comply with new industry standards. We have a track record for bringing our newsagent community along without penalty costs and without surcharges.

In the last week alone we have helped three newsagents navigate the frustration of discovering that software they purchased elsewhere was not compliant. They first became aware of issues when credits for returns were not processed as expected.

Compliance is worth it for newsagents. The starting point is to select the right software partner.

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