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Taking the 4am support call


I make myself accessible as part of our emergency support team, the team our customers call if they need urgent help and are unable to reach one of our regular after hours support people.

I took such a call Thursday morning. It was a hardware issue, someone had moved the computer and not plugged everything in.

Unable to get back to sleep, I wondered about how companies like MYOB handle calls like this. I know from taking many early morning calls that genuine 24 hour support in crucial. MYOB plays in the retail space with POS software., they must have people with urgent questions like my caller at 4am. I went to the MYOB website today to find out what they offer in this situation. The answer is not much. This is another competitive advantage to which we can refer when going head to head with MYOB as we have done a bit recently.

While it is frustrating to wake to take a call for a non-software issue which could have easily been avoided, it was good to have another opportunity to prove our accessibility.

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By Mark