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Easy touch screen POS setup


tower_touchscreen.jpgOur retail point of sale software for newsagents, jewellers, gift shops and bike retailers comes with excellent customisation opportunities which allow our customers to create a screen peftect for their specific needs, at each register point.

Our users can set up multiple touch screen layouts, and apply these to different terminals. For example, if you have one terminal used mainly to sell Lotto, you can set a layout that contains more lottery items. On other terminals you can configure your other more popular stock items. You can set the number of columns and rows, thereby giving you the flexibility to add more buttons on the one screen. You can also set up a multi level button ie. More Papers button would go to another level of buttons which can display less popular newspapers.

What makes the screen useful is that our users can use images on the buttons, or text. You have the option of setting the text size and font type to your preference. We have included just under 500 images that can be used on this screen, or alternatively, you can use your own images
Increases efficiency of handling over the counter sales.

The point of sale screen is easy to set up and change. We show you how in Advice Sheet G28.

Our screen design works with widescreen and normal screen functionality.

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