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Saving time on managing stock returns


returns_scanning.jpgThe stock returns / returns scanning function within our POS software is saving our customers many man-hours of tedious work every month.  This is crucial in helping retailers manage operating costs in their businesses.  The key screen in our returns facility, which is easy to use, is used for returns processing for all aspects of the business from subagents (to newsagents) and suppliers (to all businesses).

Our approach eliminates double handling of subagent returns. We continue to finesse the returns process to ensure maximum efficiency, supplier compliance and business data integrity.

Our approach returns processing is one of the most significant differences pointed out by newsagents who switch to our software from something else. In two cases in April, newsagents told us that using our software they have cut $300 a month from their wages bill thanks to how our software works compared to what they had.


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  • It is a pity that NDC wont allow supplementary returns yet to be done using Xchangeit, they are our biggest return.

  • Hi Jarryd,
    They take so long to manually enter them that if they make a mistake and you try to tell them – you are outside their time limits and they reject them!

By Mark