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Meeting with newsagents


photo.jpgOur national newsagent software user meeting tour started this week with meetings in Geelong and Adelaide. We can tell from feedback already that newsagents have high hopes for the new software standards being introduced this year by their magazine suppliers.

Since we represent the largest newsagent constituency in Australia, we have an obligation to not only provide software and services which help leverage the most from the new standards but to also robustly represent the views of our customers back to their suppliers.

We take our advocacy role seriously and seek, in our discussions with suppliers around technology, to find the proverbial win win. We understand that cutting costs and accessing accurate sale and return data is crucial for suppliers. Equally, we understand that a more equitable magazine supply model is crucial for newsagents.

The current round of meetings with our newsagent customers will help us in our advocacy and also help our customers get more value from their software.

The photo is from our Adelaide session on Thursday.

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By Mark