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Government fails Australian software companies


The Federal Government is beating its chest about the announcement last night to increase the tax break for capital investment in small business – from 30% to 50% for items purchased prior to the end of this year.  The joint press release from the treasurer and Minister for Small business outlines examples:

The increased Tax Break provides small businesses with an even greater incentive to invest in new capital items, such as computer hardware and business vehicles, and to make capital improvements to existing machinery and equipment.

While the 50% tax break is an incentive, I’d note that computer hardware without any form of software is no investment at all. 

If the government was serious about helping small business improve productivity they would have extended the temporary tax break to business software, especially Australian business software.

Smart business software, like that developed and sold by Tower Systems, coupled with quality hardware and appropriate training could help a small business better cope with the challenges of today’s marketplace.  Indeed, good software could help small businesses more effectively compete.

This is a missed opportunity by the Federal Government.  I was one of only a handfull of software representatives to make a submission on this.  Unfortunately it did not achieve its goal.

That said, we will make the most of what we have and help our small business newsagent, gift shop, jeweller and bike retailer customers access their Tax Break.

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