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Knowing your customers is essential to good customer service


When I called a bank yesterday I soon found myself speaking to some in a far away land who had little understanding of my very specific question.  His screen gave him access to knowledge but to locate this he needed a question which his software understood.  The customer service I received during this experience was so bad that I would almost prefer an automated system which required me to press a bunch of buttons in pursuit of an automated answer.  The bank’s representative lacked essential local knowledge.

My frustration was heightened by the thought that this was another job the bank has exported overseas.

Our customers will know that we are committed to local, knowledgeable customer service delivered by humans.  By knowledgeable, I mean good knowledge of the marketplaces in which we serve.  By humans, I mean some with whom you can have a laugh as well as talk business.  By local, I mean in the key cities in which we have customers.

The small business marketplace is tough.  This drives us to pursue delivering the best possible customer service.  I think we do pretty well.  Our customer numbers suggest this is the case.  We would fail in business is we provided the level of service I received fro the bank yesterday.

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  • mark , had the similar experience the other week, was discussed that i pay for that sort of support through my bank fees.

By Mark