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Strong stand on New EDI standards for newsagents welcome


We welcome the strong stand being taken by magazine distributors as they introduce new EDI standards in the newsagency channel. For too long, some software sold to newsagents has not met the standards required to deliver the benefits of EDI. This has held the newsagency channel back and caused others to suffer. The new standards put a stop to this.

Newsagent software companies have known changes were coming for close to two years. The details were announced last year and the new pricing regime earlier this year.

The announcement published by XchangeIT last week of penalty pricing for the POS Solutions DOS software users was no surprise to any of the software companies. The magazine distributors, through their XchangeIT partnership, have regularly briefed the software companies and newsagents about the changes.

We welcome the changes because, once fully rolled out, newsagents will be able to save more time than at present and access cash-flow benefits as a result of better engagement by the distributors around handling of EDI returns.

Tower Systems is committed to the new platform and following new standards and ensuring that the newsagents in our community have access to everything they need to enable them to commercially benefit. As any distributor will confirm, we are strong advocates for our user community.

As newsagents ourselves we understand the importance of this project.


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  • When is NDC going to allow supplementary returns on Xchangit? Without this any standards are frivolous talk.

  • Soon David. It is a confirmed part of their plan. There are a number of processes involved including changes to their back end systems.

By Mark