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Can you trust the recommendation?


One of our Account Managers visited a prospect this week and before the meeting started, the prospect asked why our software could not scan a particular type of product.  The sales prospect had been told this a few days earlier by a newsagent who had heard we were visiting the prospect and was keen to stop us winning the business.

We can and do scan the type of product mentioned and have done since we first released point of sale software.

I was surprised to hear the story because it is easy to prove that the claim against the ability of our software is wrong.   Thinking about this later, it made me wonder whether there are others who would make a claim about our software which is wrong and is made solely to stop us winning business.  While I would expect this behavior from one or two competitors, I would not expect it from a retailer.

No matter what games people play, the truth is stronger than the lie.

We will gladly put our software up next to any other software and let sales prospects evaluate, function for function, for themselves.

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By Mark