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Educating all POS software users and not just business owners


A key focus for us this year has been educating everyone who uses our software – not just the owners of the small businesses we serve but their staff too.  We have created free online training for retail staff as well as free face to face training opportunities.  In June, the next phase of our retail staff focus will be launched.

Our monthly print newsletter has undergone a makeover to make it more useful and accessible for retail staff as well as business owners.  We launch the new look with our June issue.  I have seen a final draft today and it looks impressive.  Our creative team has developed a good balance between attractive design and a quick and useful read.

While we would like to save the cost of mailing out a print newsletter monthly to our user community, we understand the ease with which the information can be shared if it is on paper and can be passed from person to person.

Our hope is the the staff member focus of the new format newsletter further enhances the value businesses using our software extract from their technology investment.

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  • Hi Mark
    I hope it will be archived on the net as well as hard copy.
    Sometimes you need to find something from a few months previous and you cant find the original.

By Mark