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Enhanced Google POS software integration for retailers


We snuck deeper Google Maps TM and Google Earth TM integration into our latest software update. This delivers sexy visual facilities with which to better manage customer and sales opportunities.

In the customer screen, our users can see a world globe button which, when pressed displays the customer location on a map. Deliveries will be easier to manage along with other parts of the business.

Sales to customers can be easily overlayed on Google Earth TM – to see how far the business reaches in the customers it attracts.

Casual sales (i.e. not to registered customers) can be easily shown on Google Earth TM thanks to postcode tracking tools whereby retailers can record customer postcodes with each sale.  Seeing the geographic spread of sales by location presents an amazing view of the business.

Users of our software can also export entire newspaper delivery details for a run and see this run, visually, on Google Earth TM. This shows details of the newspaper titles being delivered.

These and our other Google integration facilities provide our Tower Advantage TM customers with a nice suite of tools designed to help them better understand their businesses and thereby grow their businesses.

Our Google innovation is all about helping our retail partners reduce their reliance on traditional advicetising by leveraging knowledge about customers to improve range and service and thereby have your customers spread your message even further.

Enhancements like those just delivered to our customers do not happen overnight. Several people in our company have been working on these for months to ensure that they work technically, are useful practically and fit from a business operational perspective.  We are proud of these latest innovations as they add tremendous value without any cost to our customers.

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