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The great tax break debate of 2009


POS Solutions continues to use spin to try and pressure newsagents into a June 30 decision on purchasing their software.  On Monday, they claimed to have been the first to talk with the tax office about whether lottery sales are included in determining the revenue threshold for qualifying for the 50% or the 30% tax break.  I spoke to the tax office about this weeks ago.  Their response was that it was unlikely that the full value of lottery sales would be included in revenue given that newsagents only paid tax on the commission and not the total sale – the same as for Western Union, visa prepaid load and other agency transactions.  They said and I wrote at the time that newsagents should clarify this with their accountants.

At issue here is timing.  If a business turns over under $2 million they have until the end of the year to decide whether to pursue the tax break.  If their turnover is more than $2 million then have until June 30.

We understood the timing opportunity in December last year and cast our marketing accordingly.  We are please to be helping many newsagents leave their old DOS software for the Tower community.

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