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Saturday support for retailers


Our Saturday Help Desk service handles, on average, forty to fifty incidents.  Each incident could take several calls.  More than half the calls are not software related.  We are called because we are available on Saturday.  The calls which do not relate to our software are either hardware or stock supplier related.  In these instances we try and help.

Our office based Saturday Help Desk is provided in addition to our after hours coverage – two separate teams are used.

We have found that making support easily accessible to retailers, when they need access, is as important as providing high quality POS software.

Saturday support is driving excellent word of mouth for us.

This is on my mind today because I received a phone call this morning from someone grateful for our help with a hardware issue brough on by changes made to their system yesterday by a local technician.  He was not able to raise the local technician today and we were able to ge his hardware up and running and business trading.

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