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Helping independent retailers prepare for a successful 2009/10 financial year


Tower Systems helps independent retailers make their own success. The new financial year is no exception. We have a range of strategies which can be executed using our software which will help retailers deliver a better bottom line result by the time June 30, 2010 rolls around.

Our strategies are low in cost and high in opportunity. They are easy to implement and easy to track. Retailers can bank on Tower Systems POS software to build a better business:

Cut stock costs. Retailers tend to buy stock they like. Our reordering facilities guide retailers to buy what sells. This is often different to what the retailers like. Our software also guides on quantities which are appropriate to the business – as opposed to being appropriate to the supplier.

Increase sales. Using our integrated marketing tools, retailers are able to easily market to existing customers. Through email print and SMS, retailers can make contact with existing customers and lure them in for more business.

Increase sales. Smart point of sale tools guide up-sell opportunities based on what a customer purchases.

Save time. Process sales faster. Process eftpos transactions faster. Reorder stock faster. Do a stock take faster. Report on your business success faster. An average retailer will sale hours every month by switching to our software.

Reward loyalty. Using our loyalty reward facilities, retailers are able to thank customers for their business using mechanisms which will drive ore sales.

Cut theft. Customer and employee theft are expensive in retail – unless you have consistent structured controls in place. Tower Systems’ POS software delivers excellent theft management facilities.

Dig for gold. With each day of trad, the Tower POS software builds more knowledge about your business. Smart reports help you dig for gold in the data – better buying decisions, knowledge about great employees, roster opportunities and price point opportunities.

Using specialist software like that from Tower Systems will do more for your business than a cash register or a generic off the shelf software program. Prepare yourself and your business for more success in 2009/10.

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