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Bike shop POS software success


Our Bike Shop software is enjoying tremendous success with three new locations in the last week – this is on the back of excellent numbers for April through June.   July is usually a quiet month.  Not so this year.

Our bike shop software is industry specific.  It connects with suppliers, is EDI compliant (electronic invoices) and offers a range of facilities bike shop owners look for from the counter to the workshop.

Our bike shop software also connects with customers through our SMS messaging facilities.  The software will send SMS messages to advise when a special order is ready for collection, a lay-by is due for payment or for other triggers selected by our users.  Bike shop owners love these facilities.

The learnings about retail management have been considerable from the bike marketplace and applicable to our other retail marketplaces.  Particularly in the area of customer contact.  Bike shop owners have a connection with their customers which is unique in retail.  Many are riders themselves and their customers are friends or colleagues.  This connection has driven us to enhance our customer contact facilities.  These enhancements have been useful in other marketplaces.

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