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New software update for newsagents


Newsagents participating in the roll out of the new XchangeIT EDI platform have access to a new software update from Tower Systems.  This was announced to our user community yesterday.  We contiue to work closely with the three magazine distribuors on ways our large newsagent community can leverage the new XhcnageIT platform for their commercial advantage.

The software update is available for download from a secure area of our website.


Reload Image

  • hi Mark,
    I never seem to be notified when a new update is available, and when I download I find a need a password.
    I ring up and they give me a password which works ok and they tell me that next time this will not occur but it always does. I have checked my email address and i think I get all your emails , just not the update ones!

  • David,

    The update advice is sent out via our group email communication list which is self managed – I’ll check to see if you have kept this up to date.

  • Don’t worry David, the same thing happens to me.

    I get newsletters by email from Tower sometimes, not as many as by fax or mail, but never updates.

  • Dean, the email list is self managed – I’ll send you the details. We do catch up the email content in our print newsletter.

By Mark