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Some days, staying on top of support call traffic is a challenge.  Such has been the case this week.  We have many of our users switching to a new EDI platform, others gearing up for sales (and loading new catalogues), others beta testing new software from us and plenty of new customers learning our software.  I am not complaining, these are situations we have to deal with.

We obsess about callback time, how long we take to get back to someone.  When I say obsess, I mean we really do from those taking the initial call to me.  I have our CRM software open on my laptop and am acutely aware of response times and intervene accordingly to ensure that we honour our service commitments.

Support call traffic is the heartbeat of our business.   If we get it right we grow and if we get it wrong we lose customers.  Thankfully, our customer growth shows we are getting it right.  However, this growth brings, in the short term, more call traffic as new customers learn new software.  It’s a never ending cycle.

My response as owner of the business on days of heavy traffic (and when I am in the office) is to engage in handling support calls.  If I know the answer, I’m glad to help.  If I don’t I’ll try and find it or at least get the caller to someone who can help.  The rest of our management team is the same, taking calls and directly working with customers to drive the best experience possible.

This personal engagement keeps our senior management in touch with the issues of the day and helps us to evolve our processes to deliver better service.

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