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Point of Sale software update released


Earlier this week we released our latest Point of Sale software update. This is a major update, as distinct from the more regular patches (small updates) we release.

The update has gone through a rigorous internal quality assurance process followed by an extended beta release program. These activities combine to deliver better quality software and better quality software is vitally important to retailers.

We are following the release online of the update with CDs being mailed to every Tower Advantage TM customer. These CDs will arrive in-store next week and provide a long-term backup for our customers.

We have announced to our customers the details of the contents of the update. The CDs are being shipped with useful documentation. This will be followed with additional Advice Sheet material.

We have provided face to face training in the update at our recently concluded user meeting series as well as in free online live training workshops. These learning opportunities have prepared many of our customers for the update. Indeed, training is vital for all software updates as it provides the knowledge with which retailers using our software can unlock the additional value in the updates.


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  • Are the update details available online or are they only coming with the CD ?

    We have been running the update since Tuesday and only noticed one change .

    Particulary dissappointed that changes we were told would happen to editing in Customer Invoice Maintainence haven’t happened.

  • Both. Tons of changes, you’ll see in the note which comes with the CD.

    Not sure who advised would be in an update. This information is only communicated by the company in written customer communications.

By Mark