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How our POS software compares to Retail Express.


We love opportunities of demonstrating our POS software in a head to head comparison with the Retail Express POS software.

We are happy to visit businesses to show our software on the table next to Retail Express. Function by function this type of comparison is really valuable as it lets the software speak for itself. Comparison is useful as there you are in control from a user perspective.

Our service is personal. If you are interested in our software our if you purchaser our software, we visit your business. This personal approach is ideal for comparing our Tower Systems POS software with retail Express. We are happy to be there the same time as Retail Express. This approach puts the customer, you, at the heart of decision making. It allows you to make a decision based on the facts.

We have not used Retail Express just as Retail Express has not used our software. We cannot, therefore, speak to comparison knowledge. This is why we suggest a head to head in-store comparison. You pick a function and we will show you how our software works and you compare the exact same function with Retail Express. This is a perfect opportunity for you, to be sure that you are choosing the software that is right for your business.

Tower Systems today serves in excess of 3,500 customers. These are all small business retailers in selected retail channel niches. Our software is socialist for each of these retail channels. We continue to tailor it deeply to the needs of each of these retail channels. This provides a better and more personal outcome for the retailers in these channels. This is also a reason we are happy for a head fro head comparison with Retail Express.

To book in an obligation-free in-store head to head POS software comparison with Retail Express call us, email us or visit one of our local offices. We;d love an opportunity to personally show you what we do and help you compare our POS software with POS software from Retail Express.

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