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Bike software helps bike retailers find new shoppers online


The Tower Systems Bike Shop Software helps retailers sell through Shopify and Magento, easily … thanks to a direct POS software integration for e-commerce.

We also work with and provide a POS software link to awesome online bike sales tools like SpecializedBike Chaser and Bike Exchange. Direct from our POS software we feed data as selected by the retailer for hosting on any or all of these bike sales platforms.

Hundreds of bike retailers use this software already.

Offering direct, easy, accurate and secure access from the in-store POS software to SpecializedBike Chaser and Bike Exchange helps bike retailers find new shoppers online and sell direct online.

The link between the Tower Systems POS software and the SpecializedBike Chaser and Bike Exchange online search and sales tools is perfect for local indie bike retailers to leverage the on line sales opportunity. It is smart, searchable, easy to use and easy to manage.

We help bike retailers manage inventory in-store and online, from multiple locations including pop-up retail situations at events. Plus, we can help you sell anywhere, mobile or on the road thanks to our awesome Roam technology. Our Bike Shop Software really is a tool for today’s modern bike shop.

Bike retailers who want more can easily establish their own direct and useful online store in addition to the to SpecializedBike Chaser and Bike Exchange platforms. This provides bike retailers the best options for online sales and customer attraction.

We are proud to deliver this within our software, proud to be helping local Aussie and New Zealand bike retailers reach new customers, win new business and sell efficiently and profitably online.

What Tower Systems is doing here for bike retailers is one of many benefits delivered to these local and valuable businesses serving lovers of bikes, cycling and those who love and care for them. We are proud to support all things cycling through our software for the retailers with whom we partner.

Talk with a Tower Systems Bike Shop Software account Manager today. We would love to show you our software, learn about your needs and talk with you about bike shop specific benefits: Please call our sales team at 1300 662 957 or email them at

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