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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Benefits from the Tower Systems Garden Centre Software


Tower Systems is proud to serve local, specialty indie retailers. Our Garden Centre Software is made for indie garden centres.

  1. EASILY SELL BY MEASURE OR WEIGHT – in whole numbers or fractions. Accurate billing and stock levels, which customers love.
  2. DIFFERENTIATE WITH BUNDLED PACKS – combine items to create a pack, build items out of goods and more
  3. CUSTOMERS LOVE GARDEN CARE RECIEPTS – customise receipts with your care information – notes specific to items purchased. Your
  4. STAND OUT WITH OUTDOOR LABELS – high resolution, customisable weatherproof product labels.
  5. MAKE MORE MONEY AS PLANTS GROW – easily re-pot plants into larger pots and charge accordingly.
  6. INCREASE TRAFFIC WITH SEASONAL MARKETING – share seasonal planting and care advice for your area to guide customer spend.
  7. EASILY ORDER FOR SEASONS– reorder stock based on min/max levels or previous seasonal sales history
  8. MAKE DELIVERIES EASIER AND MORE CERTAIN– delivery notes and picking slips streamline your processes.
  9. SAFE AND FAST EFTPOS – reduce mistakes by cutting keystrokes.
  10. SELL MORE WITH BUY NOW, PAY LATER– through Zip and Humm – interest free finance platforms loved by Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y.
  11. SELL MORE PER VISIT AND BRING PEOPLE BACK  – offer discounts, points or vouchers to increase customer spend and retention
  12. EASY AND ACCURATE STOCK MANAGEMENT – know what is selling and not selling easily. Carry less dead stock.
  13. SAVE TIME & CUT MSTAKES WITH ACCOUNTING INTEGRATION – Direct to Xero. We support MYOB & Quicken.
  14. SAVE TIME– Electronic invoices and orders are a breeze!
  15. EASILY SELL ONLINE WITH STREAMLINED DATA AND IMAGE FLOW – data flow from POS software is automatic.
  16. EASY SPECIAL ORDERS  – track deposit, supplier order & arrival notification.
  17. MAKE SMARTER BUSINESS DECISIONS. Have less dead stock.
  18. HELP CUSTOMERS BUY ITEMS TOGETHER. Smart basket analysis shows what sells with what, often surprising retailers and growing sales.
  19. EASY, ACCURATE, SELLING – Sell accurately, easily, safely in-store or the back of the lot. Customisation options help personalise the experience.

Proudly supporting local Aussie garden centres with awesome garden centre software, which is supported locally … helping local businesses serve their local communities.

With many customers already, k this software has become an industry standard that grows and evolves like beautiful plants, changing to the changing needs of the garden centre marketplace.

Call one of our Garden Centre Software experts today: please call our sales team on 1300 662 957 or email them at

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