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How is the Tower Systems POS software different to Vend from VendHQ?


From time to time, we are asked how our small business POS software compares to software from a competitor.

Since we have not used competitor software we cannot know. This is the same reason a competitor cannot know about our software.

Sure, we have insights, but we do not know for sure.

What we do know, is what we do and what our  software does. What we do know is what we do with and for our indie retail customers, to deliver to them commercially valuable outcomes. This is what we can speak to.

So, when we were asked recently how our POS software compares to the Vend POS software from VendHQ, here is what we said…

Hey, thanks for asking how we compare to the Vend POS software. We have not used their software ourselves and so cannot speak to what it does from first hand experience.

We have switched people from Vend to our POS software and we could put you in touch with those retailers so they can speak to their experiences with the two different software products. Pleased let us know if that is what you would like us to do.

Always, we prefer customers to want us more so than rejecting another company. We prefer the positive take, the optimistic outlook. It is how we have always been in this business. We don’t want to win business by bagging a competitor.

What we can speak to is what our software does. In fact, let us show you in a demonstration driven by you, where you tell us what you want to see. At this live and unrestricted demonstration you are in control, we are your servant.

We can also speak to how we operate as a company, our transparency, accessibility and service of our customers. Through our weekly customer service email, our unlimited free one-on-one training, online knowledge base and live human driven help desk, we provide personal service that always starts with listening to you.

We can show you how our customers are our best asset when working out how were can enhance the software. We’d love to show our our democratic approach to determining software enhancements, based on suggestions from our customers.

This is us, Tower Systems, a POS software company serving 3,500+ specialty retailers in New Zealand and Australia. We’d love an opportunity to optimistically engage without disrespecting your interest in other products like Vend.

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