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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Fishing, bait and tackle POS software helps local retailers grow their businesses


The fishing, bait and tackle business POS software from Tower Systems is purpose built for these businesses. It is rich in functionality unique to these businesses, enabling them to leverage their specialisation in their local communities.

This is what vertical market POS software is … software highly customised and tuned to the needs of a specifically retail market. It is specialty software for businesses that serve in specialty retail niches.

Fishing, bait and tackle businesses are specialty retail businesses. They offer unique products and services, for the local community and those fishing in the local community. They are niche businesses. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve them with niche software.

Our fishing shop software is truly niche, offering facilities that are fit for purpose, facilities such as:

  1. Selling products such as bait by weight.
  2. Sell by fractions. Often, products to two decimal places are sold – we track this.
  3. Offering local fishing location advice auto-served on receipts.
  4. Selling fishing licences.
  5. Selling rod / reel / lure etc bundle packs.
  6. Tracking and managing repairs.
  7. Tracking serial numbers for high-end serial numbered products.
  8. Offering fishing club deals and specials.
  9. Enabling selling at local fishing events without the need to take the POS software … thanks to the Retailer Roam software that serves in this space.
  10. Receiving invoices from suppliers in electronic form.
    Handling season catalogues and accurately tracking price and product details.

Here are other reasons the fishing, bait and tackle POS software from Tower Systems is good for local fishing and outdoors businesses:

  1. We are local. Local matters in local communities. Tower Systems is Australian owned, developed and supported. Call us and a human answers the phone.
  2. Our training is personal, in your business. We think people learn better from face to face training.
  3. Unlimited free training. Long after you install the software, ask for free top-up training and all we will organise it.
  4. New customer care. All new customers have a separate specialist team with which they connect, to ease settling-in.
  5. Customers guide our software enhancement. We offer a transparent, democratic, process for guiding software update content.
  6. Fishing & outdoors business specific. This software is developed for your type of business.
  7. In the cloud or in-store. You choose where the software runs.
  8. Rent or buy. You choose how to acquire and fund the software.

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