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Awesome Aussie POS software for garden centres


The Tower Systems software for Australian nurseries and garden centres is helping businesses grow.

Our Garden Centre Point of Sale software has been developed in consultation with nursery owners, managers, employees and suppliers. We are grateful for their guidance, help and encouragement as we have grown the software to its marketplace position today.

Offering time saving and business building facilities in key business areas, this software is already being enjoyed by nurseries.

The areas covered by the software include:

  1. Point of Sale counter sales management
  2. Easy buy now pay later integration.
  3. Powerful freight accounting tools
  4. Sell by weight
  5. Product security details
  6. Options for selling anywhere, any time, including for the truck
  7. Product care details on receipts
  8. Customer accounts and LayBy
  9. Awesome customer loyalty options
  10. Gift vouchers – your own vouchers easily managed
  11. Electronic invoices
  12. Specialist nursery barcode labels including weatherproof labels
  13. A broad range of business performance reports
  14. Theft reduction and management
  15. Customer marketing facilities
  16. Fastintegrated EFTPOS

The Tower Systems nursery software includes a range of facilities and services developed specifically for nurseries including a new industrial strength and fast barcode printer.

Tower Systems has been in business since 1981. The company currently serves thousands of small and independent retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

Easy access Help Desk.  Nurseries using the Tower Systems software have access to customer service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

User Training.  The training facilities in the software and provided by Tower mean that all team members can be properly trained in the use of the software … ensuring that the business access the time saving and profitable benefits delivered through the use of the software.

Software updates.  The Tower nursery software is updated regularly with enhancements suggested by users – nurturing your investment.

The best way to assess the Tower software is to see it in your business in an obligation free demonstration.  Compare the software and the company to others and see if it serves your business needs.

Tower Systems is proud to serve independently owned small retail businesses with our awesome POS software.  The company believes in small business and the vitally important role it plays in the Australian economy.

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