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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Portable POS software for retailers on the move


Retailer Roam from Tower Systems is easy to access portable POS software for retailers who want to sell anywhere, any time.

Developed in Australia by POS software company Tower Systems for small business retailers in several specialty retail channels, retailer Roam is next gen POS software, smart POS software for retailers who are mobile.

Sell from markets, a truck, pop-up situations, stalls, and more, Retailer Roam brings on the road POS software facilities that work beautifully with and without internet access.

Already, Retailer Roam is winning love from indie retailers as they embrace the opportun8ties it unlocks for various retail businesses.

Retailer Roam is a tablet app-based POS extension to the Tower Systems Retailer POS software.  The app runs on Apple iPad and Android based tablets.  It can run connected over WiFi or any other network. It can also run disconnected, synching when connected again

Retailer Roam is designed to help retailers better manage buy times without the need to install considerable hardware as well as to transact business away from the counter, from an outpost or from a vehicle some distance from the shop.

As the name suggests Retailer Roam enables the business to roam to transact sales.

You can sell for cash or credit card, to an account or through a LayBy. Selling is through a screen designed specifically for Retailer Roam and the types of devices on which it would be run.

Retailer Roam Can Do:

  • Cash/EFTPOS Sales
  • Invoice Sales
  • Create a LayBy
  • Sell stock with Serial Numbers
  • Loyalty Point Redemption & Acrrual
  • Customised POS Screens
  • Variants
  • Refunds
  • Basic End of Shift
  • Stocktaking
  • Re-ordering
  • Integrated EFTPOS

Retailer Roam is a new product, as such, it will continue to evolve over time with features being added. You can submit software idea’s for Roam through our software idea’s page. Just this week a sweet update has been released providing retailers with more tools and benefits.

Retailer Roam gives retailers opportunities and advantages, it helps take them and their business outside the shop and beyond the web, to where customers are, for easy business transaction.

Retailer Roam is a wonderful addition from Tower Systems.

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