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Small business retailers are open prey for web developers, especially offshore web developers who pitch low costs and don’t have the same accountability as a local Australian business.

Too many small business retailers paying for cheap websites get what they pay for, an inadequate website that does not serve the needs of their retail business.

Tower Systems is a Melbourne Australia based POS software company with a local web team. Our people are retail and POS software skilled. We have a wonderful portfolio of successful web development, having delivered wonderful solutions to our customers in a broad variety of retail stores.

We have development skills and experience through partnership with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. We can develop solutions for businesses in a variety of situations and to a broad scope of need.

Since we develop locally we work your hours, speak your language, have a local design aesthetic and understand local retail. These points are critical if you want a website that works for your business.

Being retailers ourselves with a range of consumer facing websites we understand what is needed for a successful web store that attracts new shoppers and connects seamlessly to your POS software.  In-house, we have professional design skills as well as a broad range of tech skills. Plus, we can help you do the work necessary to help people find your website.

We are full service website development company specialising on websites for indie small business retailers. Being retailer focussed is important in that we bring to each project specialist skills that retailers need and appreciate to make the most of their web related investments.

Getting your website investment right is business critical for indie small business retailers. Chasing a cheap solution from offshoot is usually false economy as ,many retailers have found. That does not mean we are expensive. Like so many things in business and the world generally, you get what you pay for. Paying once for an awesome website is better then paying several times.

Offering fixed price contracts, Tower Systems backs itself when it comes to POS software connected website development for small business retailers.

If you are looking for a website for your retail business, consider Tower Systems.

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