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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for fishing and outdoors retailers helps serve local fishing clubs and the local community


The Tower Systems Fishing and Outdoors Business POS software has been made specifically for specialty retailers in this niche and specialist retail channel.

Our training is personal and tailored to the needs of local fishing shops too, making sure that the software does not get in the way of the business.

Beyond your everyday basic POS software, Tower Systems offers a robust and specialty POS software and support package to help local fishing and outdoors businesses serve local community needs.

  1. Connect with suppliers. From electronic invoices to reordering and more, be tight with suppliers and reduce your inventory overheads – freeing up capital.
  2. Sell by weight or length – Easily sell bait by weight or fishing line by length.  Scale integration, approved by the government, makes accurate selling easy and safe.
  3. Sell by bundles / packs– Sell a rod / reel / line bundle easily. This makes it harder to price compare. It pitches you as offering value.
  4. Unpack bundles – You can take bundles and packs purchased from a supplier and break them down to single products, maximising return.
  5. Repairs & Job Tracking – Manage repairs, track progress in house or with third parties and notify customers by text when items are ready.
  6. Stock Notes– Offerspecific product care instructions receipts.
  7. Catalogue Management– run promotions through the system for automatic pricing (ie multi-buys and catalogue items) (buy any 3 lures for $10 or further discounts when purchasing bigger qty’s of bait).
  8. Market to Customers– based on purchases, interests, clubs and more.
  9. Offer Customer Loyalty– Leverage one-time visiting customers. Achieved a deeper basket for more value.
  10. Receipt Coupons–Easily including product specific offers and more. The receipt can be far more valuable than just a receipt.
  11. Reordering– reorder based on min/max or on seasonal sales figures.
  12. Stock Images– images loaded against products can appear at POS and can easily and automatically flow through to your website.
  13. Customer Order Management–Track special orders and print a label with the customers details and sms them when it comes in
  14. Staff Tracking – Track all suspicious transactions, cancelled sales, discounted sales, deleted sales, quantity changes and more.
  15. Gift Cards & VIP Cards.
  16. Website Integration – Integrate from our POS software with Shopify, Magento and Woo. This is easy. Direct. Easy image flow.
  17. Xero Integration – Direct. Easy. Safe. Fast. Connecting your POS software with Xero cloud based accounting software for easy data flow.

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