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Why businesses should be carful about using offshore web developers


Web developers have no professional standard to meet to be able to call themselves that. Web developer companies have no obligation to say where the actual tech work is done.

In Australia right now there are plenty of businesses selling web development skills where the work itself is done overseas, in India, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. While we do not begrudge people in these countries seeking work, there are challenges with offshore web development beyond the loss of local jobs.

Offshore developers understand local Aussie business practices less. We have seen situations where they struggle to create commercial useful websites because oif their lack of understanding. There are terminology missteps as well as cultural challenges.

Small business retailers want people to shop locally. One way to help drive that is for these local small businesses to shop locally as much as possible.

We helped a small business retailer who engaged what they thought were a local Australian web development company. In fact, they engaged a local company for sure, which was a front for an offshore developer.

We were brought in because the website delivered was broken, not working and not to the requirements of the business. The paperwork signed, in the fine print, showed that the local business the small business owner they thought they were contracting was in fact a sales agent with no contractual responsibility.

If a web development proposal is cheap it is probably cheap because of corners being cut. Offshore developers cost significantly less than Australian developers. There is a reason for this,. This is what we say to small business retailers – beware, be careful, m understand what you are buying, understand for sure what the outcomes will be.

Here at Tower Systems we take web development seriously. We offer a 100% local service backed up by local support. We understand retail. Especially the type of retail channels in which we service. We have many websites we can share as reference sites, showing the wonderful commercial outcomes we have delivered to our customers.

Our POS software integrated websites serve a single inventory database between physical store and online store.

The Tower Systems web development team is skilled in WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify. The company has plenty of sites it can show in a live portfolio of successful e-commerce sites, serving shoppers in Australia and internationally.

But best of all, Tower Systems provides professional advice and guidance to small business retailers keen to build their online presence. Our commitment is honest transparent advice on which any small business retailer can rely.

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