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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Tower Systems produce business POS software at the AIRR trade show last weekend


We are grateful to the folks at AIRR for the opportunity to be at their trade show last weekend, to pitch our POS software, especially our produce and farm supply business POS software.

When it comes to produce business POS software, we are specialists, serving a range of businesses in this space including many AIRR members. We are established and our software is proven, serving their specialty business and accounting needs well. This is in part thanks to wonderful support from our customers, who are giving of their time and insights to help us create better software.

From the delivery trucks to the back shed to the counter to anywhere, our produce and farm supply business management software is robust and capable, serving needs that are diverse and business critical.

The produce business specialty software we offer today is different to what we offered last year. Today’s software has new features, plenty created just for produce  and farm supply businesses.

Produce businesses need produce business software.

  • Produce store specialty POS software does more.
  • Produce store specialty POS software delivers more benefits.
  • Produce store specialty POS software saves more time.
  • Produce store specialty POS software cuts more mistakes.
  • Produce store specialty POS software supports what is different in your business compared to everyday retail.

Last year, we updated our software to include: Pending Invoice Processing – allowing stock to be invoiced in prior to physical invoice being received from the supplier; Extensive Freight Processing – allowing Freight Invoices to be processed with much great clarity and control; Variants (Colour, Size & Style); Supplier Ordering Improvements to better handle Order Numbers from suppliers and back order processing; Bulk Price Changes expanded for more control and ease of use.

We have released  new Accounts Management tools, a complete reengineering of our customer accounts facilities – easier to use, more flexible, an accounting solution accountants and bookkeepers will love. These new tools go way beyond everyday POS software. They will be a real treat for produce businesses that run customer accounts.

These produce business specific enhancements have been delivered to customers as part of our structured, texted, software update process.

We appreciate there are cheaper solutions out there, non-produce business specific solutions. As with most things in the world, you get what you pay for. We would love to show you the produce business specific facilities in our software and let you see, first hand, the extraordinary investment we have made and are making for businesses like yours.

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