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POS software help for SME retailers in the new normal world of COVID-19


Tower Systems has been helping retailers with advice and support elating to COVID-19 since late January, when we realised that the coronavirus outbreak was going to significantly impact SME retail around the world, especially in areas where we serve.

In a practical sense we have helped by eliminating some fees, making some add-on modules to our software free, offering free home licences and freezing software support fees at 2018 price levels.

We have also maintained full capacity on our help desk – to ensure our SME retail customers have access to the POS software support they need. Call traffic has continued at pre-COVID-19 levels. However, the nature of the calls has changed, which is interesting. retailers are spending more time woking on their businesses. It is terrific to see and we are grateful to the able to help them do this.

We have also recalibrated our web development team to ensure we quickly serve the needs of current and new custommeersd seeking our help to bring their businesses online.

We have also been hosting free online training sessions as well as retail business owner connectivity sessions – helping retailers have a place where they can talk with and support each other. This has been important in encouraging good mental health.

While COVID-19 is challenging for SMEs, Tower Systems is helping retailers to efficiently  and safely serve their customers. That our retailers can offer contactless retail has been a real boost for their businesses and a terrific comfort to their customers. Having our product in the marketplace years before COVID-19 helped is have an established and beneficial solution that retailers can leverage to their benefit as they themselves navigate the pandemic.

There is a silver lining in all this. retailers, especially SME retailers are developing stronger businesses, businesses that are evolving rapidly to the new world, a changed world and we are grateful to be part of these transformations. With many being data driven we are there. With some switching retail channels, we are there. As a specialty retail POS software company we understand niche and are grateful to be able to help.

Tower Systems serves in excess of 3,000 small business retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

Oh, welcome to May 2020!

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