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How does our POS software compare to VEND?


We are often asked by small business retailers how our Point of Sale software compares to VEND POS software. We have not used VEND so we cannot comment from personal experience. What we can say is this:

  1. Our POS software is made by us.
  2. It is specialty in nature.
  3. Our POS software is designed for specialty retailers.
  4. It is feature rich, tailored to the specific needs of certain retail channels.
  5. It is not designed to be for everyone.
  6. It is not basic.
  7. It is not the sort of software that would teach yourself.
  8. It is regularly updated.
  9. Our POS software connects with many suppliers for electronic invoices and supplier stock files.
  10. Our POS software connects direct with Xero, Shopify, magenta, Woo, Tyro, PCEftpos and more.
  11. It can be rented or bought outright.
  12. It is updated regularly.
  13. You control when nit is updated.
  14. Our support is offered by humans. When you call us, which is easy, a human answers.
  15. You can speak to the owner of our business.
  16. We provide unlimited one-on-one free training.
  17. People in our company use their real name.
  18. We have a ton of user documentation if you like to read.
  19. We enjoy what we do.
  20. We’ve been in business since 1981.

That’s 20 points. We could go on.

We are proud of what we do, what we offer and that we are a different POS software company to those chasing the everyday marketplace. Our comfortable place is niche, specialty retail. We do it well and have done for many years. We walk away from more opportunities than we pitch to, because we are a specialty POS software company making and supporting POS software for certain specialty retailers.

We’re not for everyone, and that’s good. It helps us focus and that helps our customers focus.

Point of Sale software is critical for small business retailers. More important than that is the right POS software. Too often retailers think any POS software is good for them. Specialty retail needs specialty software and that is what Tower Systems develops, sells and supports – specialty POS software to serve the needs of specialty retailers in the retail channels we name in our website.

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