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What is a Point of Sale system?


What is a Point of Sale system? This is a good question that many specialty retailers ask. Often, they know they want to improve the operation of their business, transact safely and to connect with others platforms such as MYOB and Xero.

The thing is, a Point of Sale system, POS software, Point of Sale software, a POS system, a Point of Sale solution or a POS solution are all the same thing, a solution, system, software package that serve the data and operational management needs of a retail business.

Yes, a Point of Sale system is the same as these other buzzwords, the same as POS software, Point of Sale software, a POS solution and the like. They are all the same in business goal. These solutions serve the business need, through software, running often time on specialist hardware, to help the businesses run more successfully, efficiently and with fewer mistakes.

So why can it be called a Point of Sale system? That’s because way back when software was called a system. So, the term harks back to older times when terms were more about the technology.

The reality is that a Point of Sale system is a solution to needs in a retail business, especially a small retail business where there is limited time to run the business. the right software, system or solution will help the business run competitively and efficiently so that the business can thrive and serve the local community as well as online shoppers buy connecting to online selling platforms such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce – the best e-commerce platforms in the world.

The Tower Systems Point of Sale system, software, solution, is all of this – tailored to the needs of specialty retailers, connected to Xero and MYOB, integrated with Shopify, Magento and Woo Commerce. These and other integrations and connections offer solutions to Tower Systems retailer customers that help underscore successful business operation, they sit at the heat of business growth opportunities.

So, while the term system can sound old school, the solutions delivered are current and relevant to the future of engaged small business retailers.

With a future in physical retail as well as online, having a software system that is flexible yet specialty focussed is key to the business being able to deliver on the deals and hopes of the owners.

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