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Cloud based Point of Sale software for small business retailers


Here at Tower Systems we think retailers should have a choice between cloud based POS software or desktop POS software.

We offer both solutions: cloud based POS software and desktop POS software.

retailers can use our POS software in the cloud. They can also use it on a desktop, laptop, iPad or other tablet computer.

We are comfortable with cloud based POS software and we are comfortable with the locally run desktop POS software.

Yes, we believe choice matters for small business retailers.

Our cloud based software runs in the cloud, on a server of your choice, with us hosting or you hosting, with secure backup and insulation from the need to update the software.

Our customers choose from a menu of options as to the best cloud based POS solution for their particular business needs. We talk with customers, understand their needs and make recommendations to serve their needs.

We think flexibility is key to small business retailers, the opportunity for them to choose what is right for their businesses now and into the future. We say this because situations can change, just as tech can change. This is the issue, this is is what small business retailers are experiencing … change … this is the model of 2020 and beyond.

Cloud based POS software works well in this situation as it does offer the opportunity of scaling, of growing ads the business grows and of contracting as the business contracts. The Tower Systems cloud hosting infrastructure, which is off-site, secure and scaleable, is able to service small business retailers with surety and safety as they navigate the cloud based world of doing business.

Cloud based POS software can be misunderstood. This is why Tower is flexible and accommodating of the varying needs of small business retailers. Our advice and support seeks to offer help so that small business retailers are able to make certain decisions for surety through change economically and in individual businesses.

Tower Systems serves specialty retailers with specialty POS software (cloud based or desktop) tailored to the needs of these businesses, to serve them and support them as they evolve. We are an Aussie POS software co serving Aussie and NZ retail businesses. We are grateful to serve thousands of retailers.

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