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POS software update set for release next week


It’s business as usual at our Aussie POS software co with another software update set for release next week.

Next week’s update will be the first for our R3 product. We will deliver access to enhancements that extend the reach and appeal of the Point of Sale software.

Some enhancements have come from our democratic user votes Software Ideas platform while others have come from our internal team.

There are some security enhancements too based on updated security advice to tech companies.

The release of this update, as with the release of R3 itself weeks ago is another example of us delivering a business as usual experience for our treasured small business retailer customers.

R3 is a technically advanced and relevant to today Point of Sale software solution for specialty retailers. We are proud to make this software locally for Australian and New Zealand retail businesses. It is the support of these local businesses that encourages us daily and for that we are sincerely grateful.

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