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With Reed Gift Fair cancelled for 2020, Tower Systems helps retailers and suppliers connect


With Reed Gift Fair being cancelled for 2020 due to the corona, Tower Systems has been helping more gift and homewares suppliers connect with gift and homewares retailers through our POS software for these and other specialty retail channels.

The Reed trade shows have been an important fixture on the calendar of suppliers and retailers for years. They are key vying opportunities as retailers evolve their product ranges. Retailers looked forward to the Reed gift fair shows to find out about new products and to place orders for existing product that has sold through. The Reed gift fairs have been historically critical.

Tower Systems helps gift and homewares suppliers as well as gift and homewares retailers to connect electronically through:

  • Ordering based on sales.
  • Comparing supplier performance easily.
  • Identifying fast and slow moving stock.
  • Understanding category opportunities that could support additional product.
  • Learning about range gaps and using this data for targeted work on expansion.
  • Supplier stock file integration.
  • Supplier image integration.
  • Sales data feed to suppliers for auto replenishment.

These are just some of the opportunities for retailers and suppliers to work together to deal with this 2020 of the Reed gift fairs being cancelled.

What matters most to retailers is that inventory sells through. This is where our POS software shines, it provides the evidence of inventory performance. Good suppliers want this data, they want to help retailers make fact based, data based, decisions. By connecting the two as we can through our gift and homewares POS software we can help small business retailers thrive in this year with our the Reed gift fairs.

Through our allied work of hosting secure Zoom meetings, preparing collateral and other resources, we are able to help retailers make strategic and appreciated moves that can deliver wonderful benefits to suppliers and retailers. This tighter digital connection can eliminate the mistakes of manual connection. This can fuel certainty and other benefits to both businesses.

While the cancellation of the Reed gift fairs is a challenge, using tech retailers and suppliers can bridge this to mutual benefit. Some will be left behind on both side but that is what it is.

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