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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

How our Australian software company serves local retail businesses around the counter


Tower Systems is a proud Australian software company serving in the vibrant IT sector in Australia and, in particular, in the local small business specialty retailer space.

We are a software company first and foremost. We make what we sell. We support it too, with local Australian help desk experts providing help and assistance to retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

With so much software used by businesses, including retailers, in Australia sourced from overseas software companies, we are grateful to the support that has enabled our Australian software company to be here, trading and growing since we started in February 1981. That’s right, February 1981 of continuous service to Australian small business and retailers as an Australian software company.

Our leadership team are software developers, tech experts bringing to the company fresh approaches, techniques and ideas for delivering genuine solutions to small business retailers in the POS software and business intelligence spaces. We have more recently brought web development to our suite, expanding our Australian software company offering.

Competing with overseas software companies is challenging, especially with low labour cost coders from India, China, the Ukraine, Indonesia and Pakistan. These low labour cost countries are where massive intern national software companies have development done. Our local labour cost is higher. The quality is worth it.

Australian businesses like buying from Australian businesses. However, we don’t chase pity business. Our focus is on continuous professional development, ensuring that we get better and more useful for our customers.

While not large, we are proud for the contribution that our Australian software company has made to small business retailers right around Australia and New Zealand. We have helped develop plenty of careers as well as businesses. Inside the company, the professional development of those who work for us is important to us. We think it is factor in people enjoying working with us for the long term. we sincerely appreciate commitment.

Australia needs a strong tech sector. Software development here in Australia matters to business and government. We would love to see more support for Aussie software development by government and the big end of town. No one gets Aussie needs and nuance like Aussies. Australian software companies are more likely to be good and responsible corporate citizens for the benefit of Australia too.

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