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Tiger King cards tap into Netflix series popularity


We have been selling a range of fun Tiger King Netflix tv series cards a couple of our shops for weeks. Customers are loving the fun of the cards and their connection to the Tiger King Netflix TV series.

From Joe Exotic to Carole Baskin and other Tiger King Netflix TV series characters, these cards are fun for today, a fun way to send someone a laugh in a time when a laugh can be just what they need.

This is another POS software connected website from the web dev team at our POS software company.

We connected with the publisher of the Tiger King Netflix TV series cards to bring them to Australian shoppers though our stores and some other retailers we partner with.

Tiger King is an awesome Tv show. Scary. Funny.Horrifying. Concerning. Addictive TV that we all watched, glued to the TV to see where it would go. Utterly fascinating. It made sense that there were cards for starts like Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin as people were fascinated by them and what they said and during the Netflix TV series.

Being on topic, on trend, like with this POS software connected website is being 100% opportunistic. This is retail today. Adopting trends early, leveraging them, making the most and, if appropriate, moving on to what’s next.

These Tiger King cards are fun. Once they are done, which will be soon, the next fun series is here ready to go, to leverage more fun as shoppers send cards to those they love and laugh with.

Being a POS software co and a retailer helps us see trends and leverage them and then share with our customers how they can do the same in their niche areas. Walking this path ourselves us guide our customers with the why and how. This separates us from the traditional POS software company. We are grateful to have the differentiation for our retail partners.

We were quick to embrace the Tiger King Netflix TV series opportunity and from there to show our retailers how they can use their POS software connected websites to embrace opportunities too. 2020 has been a year of opportunities and learning. Tons of challenges but plenty of fun too.

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