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Best loyalty software for small business retailers



We are proud of the loyalty software we have developed for and sell to small business retailers.

Our loyalty software is easy to use, smart, flexible and business building.

Our loyalty software helps small business retailers differentiate from big businesses. It is built for small business retail and offers tremendous flexibility and value.

Why do we say our, loyalty software is the best loyalty software? It is what customers tell us. They tell us they have used other systems, points based systems, card stamping systems and more and they have found our loyalty software built into our smart POS software to be the best loyalty software they have seen. The love it and recommend it.

Jewellers, garden centres, bike shops, homewares stores, gift shops, toy shops, newsagents, pet stores and more all have told us that what we offer is the best loyalty software. We believe them of course. But we do not stop there. Our loyalty software is enhanced, improved and tested in myriad retail situations, to be better and even more loved and useful in helping small business retailers compete with big retail businesses.

What makes it the best loyalty software for retail businesses? Here are the factors that we think matter:

  • Ease of setup.
  • Ease of use.
  • Ease of understanding by customers.
  • Ease of tweaking / adjustment.
  • Flexibility: cash or points based.
  • That you can treat different customers differently.
  • That you evolve it as you need within the business.
  • Strong reporting.
  • The ability to encourage change to shopper behaviour.

That list is a simple list. We could go on. However, these points are the headlines, the reasons why we say the loyalty facilities in the Tower Systems POS software make for the best loyalty software.

Our focus is on small business retailers, niche retailers, specialty retailers who serve specific retail channels. Our software is nuanced as are our loyalty facilities, aiming to help these retail businesses to more successfully and enjoyably serve the needs of retail businesses.

Loyalty software is 2020 is very different to even a few years ago. Today it is smart, engaging, flexible and useful beyond calculating points. Loyalty software is helping businesses drive genuine loyalty, on which they can bank into the future of the business.

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