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Postcode and mobile phone tracker in POS software helps retailers in this ear of covid


Retailers are loving that they can record customer mobile phone numbers in our POS software at the sales counter as well as easily track shopper postcodes in the POS screen.

With the obligation for accurate tracking of critical data that can help with contact tracing, having these and other tools in our POS software is good for business’s good for the community and good for suppression.

We are grateful to have these tools in our POS software for years and for them to now have a public health benefit in this ear of corona.

This is engaging and smart POS software serving community health needs, doing good for the community and those who shop in each shop using our software.

In Victoria recently we have seen the value of the data capture and tracking tools, to enable easier management for the retailers needing to control those who are shop[ping in the shops where our POS software is in use.

Recording a mobile phone number at the time of sale is easy. recording shopper postcode is easy too. This can be particularly helpful is law enforcement are tasked with checking the data, that it is available, accurate and able to show if there is an issue with people accessing a business who should not because of corona lockdown restrictions.

Outside of the corona need / benefit, these tracking tools provide wonderful business insights for small business retailers using our POS software. They can demonstrate the reach of the business as well as provide post-visit marketing opportunities based on purchase items and more. This is clever and valuable all in one.

The postcode data has helped retailers realise that their shopper base is less immediately local than they imagined and through this they have re-cast their inventory mix to help even further broaden the appeal of the business. This is what happens once you know how far someone will travel for what you sell. Data is gold, as they say.

Tower Systems is proud to serve local small business retailers with locally made and supported POS software,. helping these businesses compete with online, get online themselves and compete with big businesses.

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