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Specialist POS software functionality for jewellers


In our specialty jeweller POS software we have developed genuinely jeweller specific specials functionality for jewellers.

Here is one good example: jeweller product pricing labels. When we created our first generation of jeweller labels 20 years ago they were specific to the needs of jewellers but one design, with multiple parts. When we completely re-wrote this part of our software a couple of years ago, after comprehensive customer consultation, we made them flexible, powerful and thereby enabled jewellers to control more details.

Jewellers love the control they have, that they have flexibility as to the look and feel of the labels in their business, such that the labels become an extension of their jeweller business brand.

This is what jeweller POS software is all about.

Here is another example: using our smart stock manager tool, our POS software customers can safely manipulate the data in a bulk way, quickly, efffciently, accurately. We win business from jewellers using other software who do not like that they have to expert the data to Excel, manipulate and re-import. That process is prone to complications.

The facilities we offer save time, reduce the opportunity for mistakes, keep all data within the POS software and allow jewellers maximum safe control over their data.

This, too, is what jeweller POS software is all about.

These facilities and many more are in our POS software, existing today to serve the needs of the jeweller retail and online businesses, purpose built, marketplace tested and recommended by many jewellers looking for software to serve in these areas.

Serving many hundreds of jewellers, we are grateful to be in a position to help jewellers serve their customers and the occasions their customers celebrate through customisable and powerful jeweller specific POS software.

From the shop floor to the sales counter to online to the workshop to the back office, our jeweller retail business POS software continues to evolve to serve the needs of the marketplace, to help jewellers achieve more through our software and to do this in ways that are specific to their types of retail businesses.

Niche retail needs niche retail POS software solutions and that is what Tower Systems is – a vertical market POS software company serving specific marketplaces.

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