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Pet shop software for New Zealand and Australian indie pet retailers


Indie pet shop retailers in New Zealand and Australia are loving our specialty pet shop software. This fresh software is under in hundreds of businesses already.

Here are some of the facilities pet retailers love about this pet shop software.

  • Pet food shopper loyalty. Supporting several pathways to reward shoppers from the traditional of buy x and get y free through to points and then to cash rewards based on volume purchase. That the pet retailer has several levers to pull and that these can be used at different times and even in combination provides local pet shop owners with tools that are more flexible that you see in big business.
  • Pet health care. The auto reminder tools for following up pet health care is loved by pet owners as well as pet shop staff where our pet shop software is in use. It helps bring customers back and that benefits the health of their pets. This facility is part of the customer management and marketing tools in the pet shop software.
  • Pet product care. New pet owners can be nervous about what they use and when they use it with their pets. you can easily encode your professional advice and have this served on receipts and elsewhere relating to each item that you sell. This is a nice and differentiating tool that is small business pet retail focussed.
  • Bundling. Local pet shops make price comparison harder when they offer a bundle or a pack of pet related items such as food, care and health items bundled together. The bundle presents as a value proposition for the shopper. It can also make shopping easier and faster, which is an important factor today. In our pet shop software, bonding is easy and straightforward as a core pat of the software itself.

Our pet shop software for New Zealand and Australian indie pet retailers does more than this. Much more. And, it continues to evolve as we work with more pet retailers, learning from them about what works best in their businesses. We are committed to this process of continuous improvement, for the benefit of our whole pet retailer community in New Zealand and Australia.

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