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Helping small business retailers deal with the evolving COVID-19 situation


This week has been particularly challenging in this 2020 time of COVID-19, especially in small business retail where impacts have been considerable. From the challenges of masks in some locations to supply chain issues elsewhere, COVID-19 is imp-acting everyday retail.

We have shared with our customers some thoughts, revisiting past comments and advice…

With the second wave in Victoria now 3 weeks old and problematic infections in NSW and SE Queensland, and with restrictions being tightened as a result, retailers are noticing a fall in foot traffic, with Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory the exceptions.

With foot traffic down, it can be disheartening. You can push back on this by having projects in the business on the go, working on the business. We are reminded on earlier advice on day to day operations:

  1. For inventory purchase decisions, be safe and frugal, stick to winners.
  2. Be aware of changes in what will sell now compared to what might be usual for this time of the year.
  3. Look at your data and focus on moving stock that’s not been selling.
  4. Reset the look and feel of the business from existing products and resources.
  5. Be positive on social media.
  6. Tap into any state government grants that may be available.
  7. Keep the business clean and safe, and your employees safe.

In our own business, our approach is to look at corona being with us for the long term. The moves we made re working from home, remote training, remote installs were all for the long term. In our own retail shops ourĀ focus has very much been about being online with a terrific surge in sales being experienced.

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